It's Time To Show My Face

For a long time, I thought to make this whole thing a little bit more personal. The main reason for that is just because I like it. The intention of this business was never to become rich or make a living out of it. That would have been very naive anyway. I started that business to deal with a topic that I love and share it with people. I didn't know where this would lead to and to be honest I still don't know up to this point. But I love what I'm doing. To make the whole story more authentic and credible I think it is necessary to tell you a bit of what I do and more importantly why I do it. Don't worry. I'll keep it short.

Aaron Roesch

That's me. My name is Aaron. I work part-time as a physiotherapist and part-time as a diver. That means I live part-time in Austria and part-time in Rhodes, Greece. That's for now at least. In between, I try to travel as much as possible and put myself under the water as much as I can. The ocean became my passion over the last decade and made me want to share its beauty with the rest of the world. That's why I film, take pictures, guide people around dive sites and recently became an instructor to teach people to dive and explore the underwater realm themselves. Founding Bottom Time was just one of the steps of sharing what I do and showing what precious things are out there and need protection. This brings me to another topic I will deal with in this email series: spreading ocean awareness. Ever since I have been a child, I thought it was important to protect endangered species. I still do. More than ever. The ocean is under enormous threat! Now I want to use Bottom Time as a platform to talk about it. We created an audience here of divers and marine life lovers. I see this as an opportunity to spread ocean awareness, to introduce people to projects I believe in and to discuss what we can do to make things better. Most content I will share on our social media platforms as well as on my personal accounts. And on this blog of course. So make sure to follow us! To see an example of a piece of awareness content, check out our new video on YouTube. Don't forget to subscribe and to like it! The more people do, the more people get to see it! 
One more thing regarding mistakes and imperfection: I know I am far away from professional when it comes to creating content, but I think this is not the key point here. The importance is to get the message out there! 



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