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This is the first blog post of the Bottom Time blog. So far I have no clue where this is leading to. There is nothing, but a vague idea about the content I will post. I also don’t know how frequently the posts will appear, whether there will be a schedule or not. The only thing I know at the moment is that it will be diving and ocean related. It will mainly deal with topics like marine conservation, marine life, diving, dive spots and so on. There won’t only be articles written by me. This will also be a place where I share and repost content that I think is worth spreading. There won’t be any strict rules. News about the shop will also appear here and maybe insights about my personal life as well. Like I said. I’m not quite sure yet. Let’s see how this thing will turn out. Thanks for reading!

Early morning mood at Malapascua Island, Philippines before the Thresher Shark dive. Picture Taken by Camille Lemmens.

Early morning mood at Malapascua Islands, Philippines before the Thresher Shark Dive. 

Photo Credit: Camille Lemmens


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